• Wed. May 5th, 2021

Rewarding bad behavior

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Today’s topic is about “Rewarding Bad Behavior“. It makes for a good headline in the paper, gets some good press for the local business (free advertising), and provides free gifts to some kids. Sounds good right? A win-win-win? No. This is the kind of thing that makes rich people feel good during Christmas. The cream of society go to a party, maybe give a couple bucks or do a raffle, eat and drink, and make themselves feel like they are doing something. They’re not. They are paying for wrapped plastic do-dads.

Notice the details. There are none. Nothing about why these particular “10 families” were picked, when there are hundreds of struggling families. No information about the families’ circumstances and why they need free gifts. What about a job, a skill or an education for the parent(s)? What about the rest of the year? Who protects the kids from the drug smoking bullies in their apartment building?

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There is nothing about what is being done to get these families real help. The only description is that they live in Annapolis Public Housing, as if that is all we need to know. Well, if they are living in Annapolis Public Housing, they are already getting a gift, and it is paid for with federal taxes and was created with Federal, State and City law. Federal taxes are taken from the general public by the IRS, which is not a voluntary situation. If they live in Annapolis Public Housing, they live in a crime-infested, depressing, illegal drug market that hides in plain sight, that nobody cares about 364 days a year. They need a way out, not wrapped plastic do-dads. They need to be removed from this environment. They need a new, sustainable life.

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Of the people living in Annapolis Public Housing, 80% have no income. That means they do not work. But working people pay for their housing, and countless other programs such as food stamps, etc. In reward for that, a handful of them are given free Christmas gifts for no determinable reason, other than the fact that they receive other free things. Great.


Rewarding bad behavior

This is called rewarding bad behavior. This is also modern American socialism, and your tax dollars at work. It would have been a better “gift” to get involved with the lives of these 10 families and get them out of a situation where they are dependent “wards of the state”, and help them become productive, successful and regular members of the community. A job at the restaurant, some child care, or a scholarship to Anne Arundel Community College or a training center to get real employable skills would have been better than wrapped plastic do-dads and a newspaper article about wrapped plastic do-dads.

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Ba Humbug? No, helping in this way would actually be caring for people. Getting them the help they need, not a nice headline and a feel-good article, free advertising for a business, and a meaningless box of stuff for kids who need meaning, not stuff.

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