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Many people dream of working from home but think it’s simply not practical. After all, how many well-paying stay-at-home jobs can there be? Well, you might be surprised. According to, Zip-Recruiter and Glass-door, these are the average salaries of the highest paying jobs able to be done from the comfort of your couch — some of them earning seven figures. If it’s your dream to earn money while in pajamas with your cat on your lap, then read on!

Research Biologist — $62,000

While half of this job is spent in the lab, sometimes the other half can be done from home. Research biologists spend their days studying things and running tests, which can be a fascinating time for the right person. The rest of the time, however, they’re processing results on a computer.

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You can look over your findings, make conclusions and prepare presentations remotely. This position has the lowest-paying salary on this list, but don’t let that deter you; many research biologists are able to earn more depending on experience and location.

Animator — $63,000

While it’s not always the highest paying job out there, it sure seems like the most fun. As an animator, you can bring your imagination to life through computerized drawings. Unlike what you may have been told, Pixar is not the only place to make a living through animation.

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Keep in mind that $63,000 is merely the average salary, too — get to be well-known in this field, and your paycheck will skyrocket. It’s competitive and difficult, but you can get work done in your own home. And that’s priceless!

Technical Support Manager — $63,000

Technical support managers are essentially the in charge of a company’s technical services department. They make sure the staff is knowledgeable and that services run smoothly.

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But wait — doesn’t that require working in an office building? Not always. Surprisingly, many technical support managers are able to lead a team via phone, email, and Skype — at least some of the time. It kind of makes sense, since a technical support manager needs to make sure that technology runs smoothly in the first place You’ll likely need a master’s degree, however, so get studying.

Major Gifts Officer — $69,000

“Major gifts officer” may not be a title you’ve heard of before, but it might be a career path worth looking into. Not only do people in this position get to work from home, but they also get to travel on their employer’s dime. So what do they do?

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Major gifts officers generally work for nonprofit organizations by soliciting large donations. That means visiting wealthy donors, making lots of calls and inviting prospective donors to company meals. You must be sociable, independently motivated and also a good salesperson.

Psychologist — $71,000

Who knew understanding the human brain could get you such a satisfying salary? The average pay may not wow you, but the most experienced psychologists can earn upwards of $130K a year. This all depends on your concentration and clientele, of course, but it’s nothing to bat an eye at.

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You’ll need to furnish an area of your home for your practice or opt to make visits to clients’ homes. Plenty of degrees and certifications are necessary, as well, so it’s certainly not a career that will get you rich quick.

Senior Sales Executive — $73,000

The more experience you have as a salesperson, the more you get paid. Of course, charisma and likeability are also essential, but they aren’t the only factors in finding success in this business. You need to know how to create and build upon positive relationships with buyers.

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Luckily, you can improve your performance without going into an office every day. The wonders of modern technology make selling from home a walk in the park. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting years of academic studies under your belt.

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